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Disclaimer: The information contained in past newsletters was accurate as of the date of publication. Due to frequent tax law changes, information may no longer be accurate. For the latest tax information, please contact an MDTAXES CPA.

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2017 Newsletters
October 2017 Protect Yourself Following Huge Data Breach By Credit Reporting Agency Equifax

Mike's Reminders About Charitable Donations Following The Two Horrific Hurricanes
IRS Details Tax Relief For Victims Of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma And Maria

September 2017 Cohen's Corner: 1/2/18 Is Deadline To Possibly Save Significant Estate Taxes

IRS Reminds Taxpayers to Watch Out for Scams
Mike's Recommendations For Best Films Featuring Tax Accountants

August 2017 Andrew's Summer Reading Recommendations

Save the Date for the Annual Dental Practice Management Summit
Tips For Teenagers With Summer Jobs

July 2017 Over 50? Your Savings Opportunities Get Better With Age

Andrew Schwartz CPA Recently Spoke At This Year's NEGASC Conference
IRS Withholding Calculator

June 2017 Maximize Tax Deductions During Your Summer Travels

Save Yourself $125 Or More Next Tax Season If You Have Working Kids
5 Myths Your Landlord Wants You To Believe

May 2017 This Year's Most Interesting Tax-Season Observation

Big Tax Credits For Electric Cars
Spring Clean Up: Clean Out Your Tax Files And Records

April 2017 File Your Tax Returns Or Extension Requests By Tuesday April 18th

Mike's Tax Season Takes
Dentist Money™: How To Keep Overhead From Bringing Your Down

March 2017 The $3 Reaction To Last Fall's Election

Andrew Schwartz CPA To Speak At This Year's NEGASC Conference
Parents Can File Their Kids' Tax Returns For Free Through IRS.GOV

February 2017 Minimize Practice Overhead to Maximize Profits

The IRS Explains the Tax Gap
Tax Guide For Physicians Working As Independent Contractors

January 2017 IRS Announces Slightly Lower Standard Mileage Rates For 2017

We're Approaching 30,000 Views and Climbing
RE: 2017

2016 Newsletters
December 2016 Ten Tips to Cut Your 2016 Taxes

Trump's Tax Plan
How To Report A Foreign Gift Or Inheritance Of More Than $100k In A Calendar Year

November 2016 IRS Announces Few Increases To Retirement Savings Limits For 2017

Social Security Max Jumps To $127,200 For 2017
5 Things Every Savvy Doctor Knows When Picking a Real Estate Agent

October 2016 Annual Dental Practice Management Summit Offered By MDTAXES And Schwartz & Schwartz PC

Congress to Consider Bill to Simplify State Taxes for People Who Work in Multiple States 
IRS Helps Out Recipients Of Retirement Plan Distributions Who Miss 60-Day Deadline For Rollover

September 2016 Two Practical Personal Finance Lessons For College Students

IRS Withholding Calculator
Saving Taxes and Your Home

August 2016 The Numbers Are In....And What They Are Saying Is Quite Telling For Practice Owners

IRS Reminds Parents To Keep In Mind The Child And Dependent Care Credit This Summer For Their Kids In Day Camp
Little Ado About Taxes – The Candidates and Their Tax Plans

July 2016 Basics for Reporting Your Foreign Accounts

IRS Warns Parents to Warn Kids About Newest Scam
Worried About The Election? Axial Financial Group Suggests, "Don't Revamp Your Portfolio Yet"

June 2016 New Overtime Rules Take Effect December 1st

How To Generate Tax-Free Income From Your Home Each Year
Real Estate: The Second-Highest Expense in Your Practice

May 2016 AIRBNB and VRBO Spell Tax-Free Income If You Rent Your Home For 14 Days Or Less Each Year

Three Steps to Tax Simplification
For Small Business Week, IRS Features Series Of Webinars For Entrepreneurs

April 2016 This Year's Most Interesting Tax-Season Observation

File Something With The IRS By April 18th
Cohen's Corner: Gifting Strategies - Part I

March 2016 Down Market Proves A Great Opportunity To Convert Your Retirement Accounts To A Roth IRA

Over 10,000 Views And Climbing
IRS Wraps Up The "Dirty Dozen" List Of Tax Scams For 2016

February 2016 Leasing Vs Owning Your Office Space

Recorded Presentations Available On MDTAXES
IRS Reminds Taxpayers To Plan Ahead If You Need A Tax Transcript

January 2016 IRS Announces Lower Standard Mileage Rates For 2016

The "Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act of 2015" Is Signed Into Law
IRS App Allows You To Check The Status Of Your Refund, Make A Payment, And More

2015 Newsletters
December 2015 Ten Tips to Cut Your 2015 Taxes

Awesome QuickBooks Tips
Cahill's Commentary: What A Buyer And Seller Might Consider With Higher Interest Rates Expected In 2016

November 2015 IRS Announces Few Increases To Retirement Savings Limits For 2016

Annual Dental Practice Management Summit Offered By MDTAXES And Schwartz & Schwartz
No Increase To Social Security Max For 2016

October 2015 As Market Fears Grow, Stay Focused on the Long Term

Practices Accepting Credit Cards Should Beware Of The New "EMV" Standards Taking Effect October 1st
Clock Is Ticking To Meet 2015 Goals

September 2015  

Counteract Poor Management Skills By Becoming A "One Minute Manager"


Recently Recorded Short Presentations Available From MDTAXES.COM
IRS Details Back To School Education Tax Credits

August 2015  

Avoid Surprises Next Winter With A Mid-Year Tax Projection


W-9 Basics: How To Complete A W-9 Form For Your LLC
401k & 403b Basics: No Match Doesn't Mean No Good

July 2015  

IRS Issues Guidelines for New State-Sponsored ABLE Accounts for People with Disabilities


Carr Healthcare Realty Saves Boston Area Dentist $65k On A New Lease - For Free!
Massachusetts Earned Sick Time Law Kicks In On July 1st

June 2015  

Obtaining And Renewing Your Commercial Lease: Important Things To Know


Employee Versus Independent Contractor
Beware of Fraud at Your Practice

May 2015  

83(b) Election Basics


Summer Job Alert: Have Your Working Children Claim "Exempt" on Their W-4 Forms
Spring Cleaning For Your Personal Finances

April 2015  

My Client Dr. Jim is Electric


Buy Yourself 6 Months on April 15th

March 2015 Favorite Tax Deductions Claimed By "Aggressive" Taxpayers

IRS Announces "Dirty Dozen" Tax Scams For 2015
Tax-Wise Investing

February 2015 A Tax Dollar Saved Is A Dollar Earned

Recorded Presentations Available on MDTAXES
Return Preparer Fraud Hits IRS Annual "Dirty Dozen" List Of Tax Scams

January 2015 RE: 2015

IRS Announces Higher Standard Mileage Rates For 2015
Preventing Theft By The Front Desk Staff At A Dental Office

2014 Newsletters
December 2014 Ten Tips to Cut Your 2014 Taxes

401k/403b Basics
Are You An Employee or an Independent Contractor?

November 2014 IRS Announces Higher Retirement Plan Limits For 2015

Social Security Max Increases To $118,500 For 2015

October 2014 60 Minutes Airs Exposť on The Biggest IRS Tax Scam Around: Identity Tax Refund Fraud

Do You Have A Contingency Plan In Place For Your Practice (And Your Life)? 
Preparing 1099s For Your Practice

September 2014 IRS announces adoption of a "Taxpayer Bill of Rights"

College-Bound Children Need a HIPAA Authorization and a Health Care Proxy
Powerful Yet Poorly Understood: Demystifying the Defined Benefit Pension Plan

August 2014 Beware Of Phone Calls From Scammers Claiming To Be IRS Agents

Electric Car Credit Puts $7,500 In Your Pocket
Umbrella Insurance Is Malpractice Coverage For Everyday Living

July 2014 Schwartz Uncovers Metric That Is A 79% Predictor Of Gross Revenue For General Dentists The Home Office Deduction
June 2014 Leader Bank Launches Its Doctor Loan Program Investing: Where To Put Your Money Now
May 2014 IRS Warns That Identity Theft Leading to Fraudulently Filed Tax Returns Is On The Rise IRS Releases the Dirty Dozen Tax Scams for 2014
April 2014 Unable to Pay Your Taxes by April 15th? Fit For A Doctor: 3 Ways To Buy Your Million Dollar Home
March 2014 Higher Taxes On Lower Income For High-Income Taxpayers A.M.T. Now Spells Relief To Taxpayers Earning Between $200k And $600k
February 2014 Tax Guide For Physicians Working As Independent Contractors 8 REsplendent REsolutions REdux
January 2014 RE: 2014: Eight REsplendent REsolutions To Improve Your Personal Finances IRS Announces Lower Standard Mileage Rates For 2014
2013 Newsletters
December 2013 Ten Tips to Cut Your 2013 Taxes New Presentations Recorded During 2013 Available On MDTAXES
November 2013 Social Security Max Increases To $117,000 For 2014 IRS Announces Few Increases to Retirement Savings Limits For 2014
October 2013 October 1st Is Deadline To Provide Staff With Written Notice About Health Insurance A Few Reasons To Open A Retirement Plan For Your Practice
September 2013 "Million Dollar Metrics" for General Dentists The DOMA Decision and the Federal Tax Impact on Same Sex Married Couples
August 2013 Increase Practice Revenue And Profits By Implementing S.I.B.S. (or view 6 minute multi-media version) Disability Business Overhead Expense (BOE) Insurance
July 2013 Cohen's Corner: Plan For Your Digital Assets IRS Releases the Dirty Dozen Tax Scams for 2013
June 2013 2013 Tax Hikes Mean It's Time To Revisit All Available Tax Breaks Exponential Growth For Your Practice
May 2013 Spring Clean Up Summer Job Alert: Have Your Working Children Claim "Exempt" on Their W-4 Forms
April 2013 Timely and Tactful Tax-Alliteration Cohen's Corner: Estate Tax Update
March 2013 Marketing Yourself Is Like Going to the Dentist These Mortgages Provide Homeowners With A Little Extra Credit
February 2013 The New American Taxpayer Relief Act: How Much Relief is in it for You? Failure To Read This Notice Could Cost You Thousands Of Dollars!
January 2013 New Year's Resolutions to Improve Your Finances Teach Your Teens Financial Responsibility With The Pass Card Issued By Amex
2012 Newsletters
December 2012 Checklist to Cut Your 2012 Taxes 2013 Tax Changes at a Glance
November 2012 Social Security Max Increases To $113,700 For 2013 IRS Announces Higher Retirement Plan Limits For 2013
October 2012 Cost of Medical Devices To Increase By 2.3% On January 1st Get Up To One Year Of College Tuition For Free – Guaranteed
September 2012 Mitt Romney's Tax Policy How Long Do You Need To Keep Your Tax Records?
August 2012 Supreme Court Upholds PPACA, Which Means Tax Increases In Store For 2013 IRS Reminds Taxpayers That Job Search Expenses Can Be Tax Deductible
July 2012 Choose The Best Type Of Entity For Your Practice Take Me To Your Leader (and Manager and Supervisor and Coach and Mentor)
June 2012 When Regular Is Definitely Better Than Roth Refinance Your Mortgage On A Devalued Home Thanks to HARP 2.0
May 2012 Were You Surprised on April 15th? Minimize Your Healthcare Costs and Save Taxes With An HSA
April 2012 Interesting Observations From This Tax Season Five Reasons Why Every Doctor Should Max Out an IRA
March 2012 Entity Selection for Your Practice A.M.T. Once Again Spells Trouble For Millions of Taxpayers
February 2012 The Tax Gap A Professional Critique of Mitt Romney's 2011 and 2010 Tax Returns
January 2012 Money IRS Announces No Increase to Standard Mileage Rate for 2012
2011 Newsletters
December 2011 Checklist to Cut Your 2011 Taxes College Websites Must Now Include "Net Price Calculators"
November 2011 Social Security Max Increases To $110,100 For 2012 IRS Announces Higher Retirement Plan Limits For 2012
October 2011 President Obama Recommends Tax Increases For High-Income Taxpayers Basics Of Long-Term Care Insurance
September 2011 A Reader's Rebuttal to "So Who's Paying The Taxes?" Per Diem Rates
August 2011 Inflation - The Tax Code's Secret Weapon Traveling Abroad To Earn Some Extra Income? If So, The IRS Now Has A New Form For That.
July 2011 $7,500! Now That's Electric! Standard Mileage Rates Increase As Of July 1st
June 2011 What Is College Financial Planning? Best Small Business Accounting Software: A Leading Small Business Accountant Examines Quickbooks
May 2011 Light Remains Green On Tax Credit For Energy Efficient Home Improvements A Professional Critique of President Obama's 2010 Tax Returns
April 2011 So Who's Paying The Taxes? Three More F'n Days This Year
March 2011 Deduct a Donation Towards the National Debt Keep On Converting Into 2011 and Beyond
February 2011 RX For Higher Taxes Bank Of America Re-launches its Doctor Loan Program
January 2011 Bush Tax Cuts Extended Through 2012 The 2% Solution?
2010 Newsletters
December 2010 To Complete by December 31st: Checklist To Cut Your 2010 Taxes
November 2010 No Increase To Social Security Max For 2011 IRS Announces Few Increases to Retirement Savings Limits For 2011
October 2010 The "AMT" Could Cushion Blow Of Pending Tax Hikes Special Disability Insurance Limits For “New In Practice” Physicians: Let The Good Times Roll
September 2010 Why The FICA Refund Only Applies to Pre-4/1/2005 Wages IRS Offers One-Time Special Filing Relief Program for Small Charities; Oct. 15 Due Date to Preserve Tax-Exempt Status
August 2010 Roth Reminder Clock Is Ticking For $1,500 Tax Credit For Energy Efficient Improvements Made To Your Home
July 2010 July 21st Is Deadline To Apply For Up To $5 Million Grant For Your Biomedical Research Project Quick Tax Refunds Available To Individuals Who Suffered A Loss Within A Declared Disaster Area
June 2010 New Tax Breaks For Doctors in Practice Is A Locum Tenens Position Right For You?
May 2010 Caveat for Roth Converters Spring Cleaning
April 2010 Increased Taxes As Part Of Health Care Reform IRS Announces They Will Begin Processing Pre-4/1/05 FICA Refunds For Medical Residents Who Filed Paperwork
March 2010 No Documentation Equals No Deduction for Non-Cash Donations Show Me The Money
February 2010 Augment Your Audit Awareness Funding Your Child's College Tuition Bill Today
January 2010 Memo on Roth Conversions IRS Announces 9% Decrease to Standard Mileage Rate for 2010
2009 Newsletters
December 2009 Minimize Taxes On 2010 Roth Conversion With IRA Roll Out $8k Homebuyer Tax Credit Gets Extended and Expanded
November 2009 No Increase To Social Security Max for 2010 IRS Announces Few Increases to Retirement Savings Limits For 2010
October 2009 How To Avoid the Upcoming One-Two Punch to Your Pocketbook Hybrid Vehicle Tax Credit Update
September 2009 Mortgage Industry Enters Period of Over-Underwriting Doing Your Due Diligence: A Key Component To Successfully Buying A Healthcare Practice
August 2009 Clock Is Ticking To Get $4,500 From Government For Trading In Your Clunker Disability Insurance: The Cost of Being Female
July 2009 Government Rewards New Homeowners With $8,000 Bounty Through November 30th How A "Practice Assessment" Can Improve Your Practice
June 2009 Light Turns Green on Tax Credit of Energy Efficient Home Improvements $44k For Compliance With New EHR Mandate
May 2009 Should You Convert To A Roth in 2010? 2010 Version Of Our Roth IRA Conversion Quiz
April 2009 What the F?  It's Almost April 15th The FICA Issue For Medical Residents and Fellows Lives On
March 2009 Tax Breaks Included As Part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Long-Term Care Insurance For Your Parents
February 2009 Minimize Your Healthcare Costs and Save Taxes With An HSA A Case Study About Various Deductions
January 2009 Re: 2009 Medical Resident FICA Issue Update
2008 Newsletters
December 2008 What A Trilemma! 2008 Year-End Tax Planning Is A Definite Maybe
November 2008 Social Security Max Increases to $106,800 For 2009 IRS Announces Higher Retirement Plan Limits For 2009
October 2008 What's The Tax Plan, Man? Complying With The Nanny Tax Rules
September 2008 The Housing Assistance Tax Act of 2008 Tax Breaks For Lost Deposits At IndyMac And Other Banks That Fail
August 2008 'Tis the Season Disability Insurance: What's Old Is What's New Again
July 2008 Are High Gas Prices Pushing You To Buy A New Car? The IRS' Dirty Dozen
June 2008 The Relative Value of a Tax Break What's Your Stuff Worth?
May 2008 Were You Surprised On April 15th? 5 Reasons Doctors Lose Money On Their First Employment Contract
April 2008 A Rant About Roths Do You Have A Financial Compass?
March 2008 Ready For A Rebate? Is Your Credit Score As High As You Think?
February 2008 A Tax Dollar Saved Is A Dollar Earned Decisions About Deductions
January 2008 What A Relief! What's Deductible?
2007 Newsletters
December 2007 Tax Saving Opportunities for Self-Employed Individuals Checklist to Cut Your 2007 Taxes
November 2007 Social Security Max Increases to $102,000 For 2008 IRS Announces Few Increases to Retirement Savings Limits For 2008
October 2007 AMT Spells Bad News For Taxpayers in 2007 Tax Credit for Honda Hybrids Getting Hit
September 2007 Real Risks With Rental Real Estate Buy or Lease?
August 2007 Clock is Ticking For Environmentally Friendly Tax Breaks Avoid Surprises Next Winter With A Mid-Year Tax Projection
July 2007 "Kiddie Tax" Increased For Second Time In Two Years Understanding the "Hobby Loss" Rules
June 2007 More People Eligible For A Roth IRA in 2007 Student Loan Interest - Valuable Tax Break or Cruel Irony?
May 2007 Arbitrage In The Tax Code Equates To Free Money For Your Family Spring Cleaning
April 2007 Time to File or Extend Watch Out - Mutual Funds Are Paying Big Dividends Once Again
March 2007 The Re-Emergence of Non-Deductible IRAs Cost Seg Studies Can Unlock Valuable Tax Breaks For Real Estate Owners
February 2007 Inflation - The Tax Code's Secret Weapon Additional Benefits of 529 Plans
January 2007 Become This Year's "Biggest Winner" Are You At Risk Of Being Audited?
2006 Newsletters
December 2006 Checklist To Cut Your Taxes IRS Announces Higher Standard Mileage Rates For 2007
November 2006 Social Security Max Increase to $97,500 for 2007 IRS Announces Higher Retirement Plan Limits For 2007
October 2006 "Kiddie Tax" Age Jumps to 17 Can You Trust The Government Not To Change The Roth Rules?
September 2006 More Recent Tax Law Changes Big Changes to Charitable Donation Rules
August 2006 Two Major Changes to Tax-Free Roth Accounts First Quarter Sales Figures For Hybrid Vehicles Announced
July 2006 Retirement Plans For the Self-Employed How's Your FICO?
June 2006 Recent Tax Law Changes Clock is Ticking for Hybrid Car Tax Credit
May 2006 Plan Now to Take Advantage of Expiring Tax Breaks Deadline Looms to Consolidate Student Loans at Today's Low Rate
April 2006 Filing An Extension Buys You Six Months Moonlighters May Face High Tax Bill on April 15
March 2006 Student Loan Interest Rates Rising Track Your Professional Expenses
Tax Breaks for Homeowners
February 2006 Stealth Tax Update End Those Credit Card Solicitations
January 2006 RE: 2006 Home Office Revisited

2005 Monthly Tax Newsletters

  • December 2005:  There's No Place Like Home -- Checklist To Cut Your Taxes

  • November 2005:  Social Security Max Increases to $94,200 for 2005 -- Three Free Peeks At Your Credit Report

  • October 2005:  The New Roth 401(k) and 403(b) -- Get Used to the Use Tax

  • September 2005:  Recent Tax Law Changes -- Back Into Your Budget

  • August 2005:  New Car Donation Rules -- IRS Penalties

  • July 2005:  To Incorporate or Not To Incorporate -- Do You Have A Health Care Proxy

  • June 2005:  Avoid the 30 Year Car Loan -- Interest Rate Update

  • May 2005:  No Match Doesn't Mean No Good -- How To Save $5,000 Annually Through Electronic Health Records 

  • April 2005:  The Ubiquitous AMT -- Should You File For an Extension?

  • March 2005:  What is "Financial Planning"? -- How To Break the $10,000 Monthly Disability Barrier

  • February 2005:  Hot Employment Law Topic: Non-Compete Agreements -- Memo to Moonlighters

  • January 2005:  Reset Your Monthly Retirement Savings -- Fads Are Usually Frauds

2004 Monthly Tax Newsletters

  • December 2004:  More Recent Tax Law Changes -- 8 Steps to Cut Your 2004 Tax Bill

  • November 2004:  Recent Tax Law Changes -- Social Security Max Increase to $90,000 for 2005 

  • October 2004:  Benefits of Being Your Own Boss -- Tax Break For Vehicles and Leasehold Improvements Expiring

  • September 2004:  Deducting Travel Expenses - Deducting Meals & Entertainment

  • August 2004:  Have You Heard About HSA's? -- When $1.00 is Worth $1.55 or More

  • July 2004:  Life Insurance: What Kind Should You Buy? -- Andrew Schwartz's S.O.S. for Savings

  • June 2004:  College Savings Confusion -- The New Independent 529 Plan

  • May 2004:  Invest the Government's Money and Keep the Earnings -- A Tale of Two Taxes 

  • April 2004:  Investing in I Bonds -- When April 15th Means April 15th 

  • March 2004:  Basic Estate Planning -- Jointly or Separately 

  • February 2004:  Ordinary + Necessary = Deductible -- Checklist to Bring Your Great Idea to the Public Market

  • January 2004:  Save Taxes Before The Tax Savings Sunset -- Life Settlements: A Secondary Market for Life Insurance

2003 Monthly Tax Newsletters

  • December 2003:  What's New? (Home Office Update and Increased Tax Breaks For Students Paying Tuition) -- Checklist to Cut Your Taxes -- Second Major Tax-cut Package in Just Three Years

  • November 2003:  Social Security Max Increase to $87,900 for 2004 -- Don't Get On The IRS Radar Screen

  • October 2003:  Watch Out For the A.M.T. -- The Return of "Own-Occupation" Disability Insurance

  • September 2003:  How to Survive an IRS Audit --  Do You Use a Professional Tax Preparer?

  • August 2003:  Is Your I.D.A.P List Up-do-date? -- The Hummer Deduction

  • July 2003:  Why Good Tax Planning Backfires -- Good News For Recipients of NIH Loan Repayment Programs -- Are You An Employee Or An Independent Contractor?

  • June 2003:  Recent Tax Law Changes -- Disability Insurance: What You Need To Know Before You Buy

  • May 2003:  Home Sweet Home  -- How to Avoid Paying Taxes When Selling Real Estate

  • April 2003:  Three Reason to File For an Extension -- Unable to Pay Your Taxes by April 15th?

  • March 2003:  It's Now Easier to Be Green -- Tax-wise Investing

  • February 2003:  Favorite Deductions for Aggressive Taxpayers -- How Aggressive Are You With Your Deductions?

  • January 2003:  New Year's Resolutions to Improve Your Finances -- Plan Ahead and Cut Your Taxes -- What's New for 2002?

2002 Monthly Tax Newsletters

  • December 2002:  The Government Now Pays You When You Save for Your Retirement -- Checklist to Cut Your Taxes -- What's New for 2002?

  • November 2002:  Social Security Max Increases to $87,000 for 2003 --  Have You Set Up a Solo 401(k) Plan Yet?

  • October 2002:  Are You Doing All That You Can Do? --  Get More For Your Money Through Your Flexible Benefits

  • September 2002:   Beware of The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)

  • August 2002:   How's Your Retirement Savings Holding Up?

  • July 2002:   New and Improved Ways to Save for a Child's Education -- Education Savings Accounts -- 529 College Savings Plans

  • June 2002:  The Basics of Life Insurance -- Life Insurance Definitions
  • May 2002:  What's New for 2002? -- The Possibility of Home Ownership May Be Closer Than You Think
  • April 2002:  Unable to Pay Your Taxes by April 15th? -- Finding Financial Counseling You Can Really Afford
  • March 2002:  Deducting Your Unreimbursed Professional Expenses -- Deducting Automobile Expenses
  • February 2002:  How Are You Doing With Your Financial Resolutions For 2002? -- The Home Office Deduction
  • January 2002:  New and Improved Student Loan Interest Rules -- Increasing Your Household Cash Flow if You or Your Spouse Has Recently Been Laid Off -- Tax and Financial Planning Calendar for 2002

2001 Monthly Tax Newsletters

  • December 2001:   Checklist to Cut Your Taxes -- Plan Ahead to Take Advantage of the New Tax Rules -- Up Your Monthly Savings Amounts -- More Capital Gains Chaos

  • November 2001: Social Security Max Increased to $84,900 for 2002 -- Should You Convert Your IRA to a Roth IRA?
  • October 2001: Recent Tax Law Changes Provide Lots of New Opportunities -- Say Goodbye to the Stealth Tax -- Attaining Your Debt Reduction and Savings Goals
  • September 2001: What's So Great About 401(k) and 403(b) Plans? -- Life, Disability and Long-term Care Insurance
  • August 2001: Tax Breaks for Interns and First Year Medical Residents
  • July 2001:  Recent Tax Law Changes
  • June 2001: Favorite Tax Deductions of "Aggressive" Taxpayers -- Should You Consider Consolidating Your Student Loans
  • May 2001: What's Better...Paying Down Your Student Loans or Contributing to Your 403(B) Account at Work? -- Have You Checked Your Credit Report Lately?
  • April 2001: Did You Pay Too Much in Taxes?
  • March 2001: Potential Tax Law Changes -- Tax Planning Basics Will Remain the Same
  • February 2001: You Might Be Entitled to Get Back $3,000 From the Government for Every Year that You Were a Medical Resident Between 1997 and 1999.
  • January 2001: How Clean is Your Credit Report? -- When Does $100 Equal $166? -- Tax and Financial Planning Calendar for the Year 2001

2000 Monthly Tax Newsletters

  • December 2000: Almost Doesn't Count -- Checklist to Cut Your Taxes -- Year End Tax Planning -- Deducting Business Expenses

  • November 2000: Social Security Max Increased to $80,400 for 2001

  • October 2000: Annual Newsletter for High Income Taxpayers

  • September 2000: Your Annual Fall Financial Review

  • August 2000: Investing Clubs

  • July 2000: How Does Social Security Work?

  • June 2000: The Basics of Basic Estate Planning

  • May 2000: Two Mistakes Made by Investors: Having Your Losses Disallowed Because of the WASH SALE rules and Keeping Your Tax Money Invested Right Up Until the April 15th Deadline

  • April 2000: Looking For A Tax Efficient Way to Save for Your Child's College Education?

  • March 2000: How the Government Squeezes Additional Tax Dollars Out of High Income Taxpayers -- Have You Been Contributing $2,000 to Your IRA Each Year?

  • February 2000: Tax Issues Applicable to Unmarried Taxpayers

  • January 2000: Good Habits to Minimize Your Taxes -- Tax and Financial Planning Calendar for the Year 2000

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