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Do you know what your practice is worth?

Probably not, because practice valuations can be both time consuming and costly. Even so, there are many instances when it’s important to determine the value of your practice:

  • If you are preparing to sell your practice, you need to know where to set your expectations. 

  • If you plan to bring new partners into your practice, you need a third party valuation to set a fair buy-in price.

  • If you already have partners, you should have a "buy-sell" agreement in place specifying how and when your practice needs to be valued in case one partner wants or needs to sell

  • If you want to ensure that your estate planning properly takes into account the amount of estate taxes expected to be paid upon transition of your practice to your successors

What is the best way to value your practice? Unlike a home, which you can value based on what your neighbors' homes are selling for, determining what your practice is worth isn't quite so easy. Often you need the help of a professional trained in business valuation to analyze the various methods of valuation that would be most appropriate for your type of business. The most common methods of business valuations are:

  1. The Capitalization of Earnings Method - The valuer considers historical earnings of a company to be indicative of future earnings and then divides the earnings by a capitalization rate to arrive at an estimate of value.

  2. The Net Asset Method - The valuer separately identifies and values each individual tangible and intangible asset of the company and then deducts the fair market value of all liabilities to arrive at an estimate of value.

  3. The Completed Transaction Method - The valuer analyzes sales transactions of comparable businesses to arrive at an estimate of value.

The trick is to decide which method or combination of methods best represents what your practice is worth. To find out more about valuing your practice, please complete the form below and one of our MDTAXES-affiliated business valuation specialists will be happy to help you.

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