Schwartz & Schwartz recently celebrated its 20th anniversary by hosting a luncheon at Strega Prime in Woburn. Guests at the event included representatives of Schwartz & Schwartz?s professional network and employees of the firm.

?When we first started out, we did a mailing and had only one person reply.? There were many lean years and a lot of effort to grow our practice to the level we have today.? On our anniversary, we wanted to make sure we thanked the businesses who have referred clients to us over the years. This event is our way of showing our appreciation and also to let them know how much we?ve enjoyed working with them,? said Andrew Schwartz, CPA and co-founder of the firm.

Schwartz & Schwartz was founded in 1993 by brothers Andrew and Richard Schwartz, both CPAs.? Their father Robert Schwartz also had his own accounting practice until 1990.? With a focus on healthcare professionals and their practices, the brothers? firm has developed a strong history and expertise in serving their dental and medical clients.? They now have over 2,500 clients and 20 employees.

?We want to thank our staff as well for all of their hard work and dedication. They?ve made a direct impact in how much we?ve been able to grow over the years,? said Richard Schwartz, CPA and co-founder of the firm.

You can view some of our event photos here: