ss101Most likely, you have a tax preparer or software that you use to file your federal tax returns and determine which form(s) you need to file.

Just in case you’re doing your own return?by paper, or if you’re wondering why you needed to file the form type you did, here’s a 1040 Form recap from the IRS:

You can generally use the 1040EZ if:

  • Your taxable income is?below $100,000;
  • Your filing status is?single or married filing jointly;
  • You are not claiming any?dependents; and
  • Your interest income is?$1,500 or less.

The 1040A may be best for you if:

  • Your taxable income is below $100,000;
  • You have capital gain distributions;
  • You claim certain tax credits; and
  • You claim adjustments to income for IRA contributions and student loan interest.

However, reasons you must use the 1040 include:

  • Your taxable income is $100,000 or more;
  • You claim itemized deductions;
  • You are reporting self-employment income; or
  • You are reporting income?from sale of a property.