On March 27th, my firm held the fourth live webinar in our Financial Boot Camp series titled?“Planning for the Rising Cost of College”?which was recorded and is now online.

Alex Oliver from First National Corporation?a?discussed a variety of topics. Did you know that for a child born today, four years at UMass Amherst will cost them a projected $260,000?? Whether you are hoping for financial aid or have already begun saving, you should view the webinar to hear Alex’s tips for not only putting money away, but also guiding your child to a college that will get you the best bank for your buck.

Please view the webinar and skip to the topics most relevant to you:


00:00: Introduction

04:01: Overview

04:48: Is College Worth the Cost?

07:50: Hyperinflation of College Expenses

09:14: How the Average Family Pays for College

10:37: Scholarships and Financial Aid

15:52: Savings and the Advantage of Starting Early

18:01: Investment Options for College Savings

18:50: 529 Prepaid Tuition Plans and 529 Savings Plans

25:20: How Much Should I Save Per Year?

27:22: Ways to Reduce Costs

30:06: Kiplinger’s Best College Values