We reached out to our network of lenders to see what they plan to offer as relief to Practice owners. Here?s a sampling of what they said.

– Official announcements will be coming directly from the lenders shortly. For any existing clients, our solutions range from reducing payments to interest only or full payment deferrals. Anyone in need of assistance should contact our loan servicing department. As you can imagine, the portfolio team is being inundated with requests so they are trying their best to respond within 48 hrs.

-. Yes we are offering relief, just give them my email. We can do it over the phone or have them fill out a form.

– The official word will be out this week. This lender will be providing up to 90 days suspension of auto debits with 0% interest as well.

– We are committed to helping our small business customers experiencing hardships, including from the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). In the case of small business customers impacted by issues relating to COVID-19, they can call us to speak with a trained specialist to discuss options available for their small business lending and deposit products. Any customer whose business may have been affected by the outbreak of coronavirus can request a payment deferment and waiver of late fees for up to 90 days.