It’s a sad state of affairs in our country when scammers are preying on each state’s unemployment funds. We first posted info on this big problem a few months ago at: Beyond notifying your state unemployment department immediately upon learning that a fraudulent unemployment claim was filed under your name, here are some additional prudent steps to take:

  1. Start by changing the passwords for your various bank and credit cards accounts
  1. Next, put a credit freeze on through the 3 credit agencies listed below.  This will prevent new accounts from being opened in your name.  Please note that freezing your credit can be a bit of an annoyance later.  For instance, should YOU wish to open a valid account, you will likely need to go online and pause each credit freeze.
  1. And consider an identity theft protection subscription like Lifelock ( There are several programs that monitor your credit.  In fact, AAA members get free credit monitoring as part of their membership.