Frequently, children may need to file a tax return when they work a summer or part-time job while in school.  And although their income often is below the filing requirement threshold of owing any income tax, filing a tax return would be primarily to get the federal and state withheld taxes from their pay refunded to them.

Another tool offered on the IRS website is the option to “File your taxes for free”.  Typically, as long as the Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) for a taxpayer is $79,000 or less, this tool is an easy-to-use option for less complicated tax returns needing to be filed.  This free e-file link can be found on the IRS website noted below:

And if your child’s tax return is filed late (after the April 15 filing due date), as long as no taxes are owed and your child’s tax return is due a refund, then there are no late penalties assessed for the late filed tax return.