Most federal tax refunds are issued by the IRS within 21 days of filing a tax return.  However, there are infrequent situations when the IRS needs more time than normal to review a tax return and issue a refund.  The IRS has a simple to use tool on their website for taxpayers that are waiting on a refund to assist taxpayers to check on the status of their tax return still in process by the IRS.  Taxpayers can go to “Where’s My Refund?” on the IRS website found at the link below:

This site is updated once per day.  Taxpayers will need their social security number, filing status of the tax return, and the exact amount of the refund to enter in order to receive an update on the processing status of their tax return.  Once the requested information is entered, taxpayers will receive an update based upon one of the three statuses listed below:

  • Tax return received,
  • Tax refund approved, or
  • Tax refund sent

There is also an automated call-in line to check on your refund status.  The Refund Hotline number is 800-829-1954.

The IRS also offers on-line assistance for taxpayers to check on the status of a federal amended tax return.  Taxpayers can get an update by using the IRS link:

To access information on the status of your amended tax return on this site, taxpayers will need their social security number, date of birth and zip code to be input at this site.  The typical time frame for processing of amended tax returns is approximately 20 weeks.