Practice Owners-Small Business Recovery Loan

There?s a small business recovery loan being offered to small businesses to help with cash flow during closures.? ?This is being offered by MA Growth Capital Corporation.


  • Open to Massachusetts-based businesses impacted by the COVID-19 with under 50 full- and part-time employees, including nonprofits
  • Negative impact must be verifiable
  • Loan amounts up to $75,000
  • Loan amount not to exceed 3 months of demonstrated cash operating expenses for the 1st quarter of 2020
  • No payments due for first 6 months, then 30-months of principal and interest payments (direct debited)
  • Annual interest rate 3%
  • Personal guarantee required of all owners with 20% or more interest in the company
  • Personal credit score under 575 will require an exception
  • All asset lien on business
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Ineligible businesses include companies involved in real estate investment, multi-level marketing, adult entertainment, cannabis or firearms. Companies with past due tax liabilities or tax liens or currently in bankruptcy (Corporate or Personal) are not eligible.

Payroll – What To Do For Employers

The COVID-19 pandemic is a fluid situation and we are trying our best to keep our clients informed as new information is released.



Currently all MA Unemployment Career Centers and Unemployment Walk-in Centers are closed and Claimants are urged to file unemployment claims online.? (Attached are two brochures to help with applying for MA Unemployment.)

Other resources that may help you and your employees understand MA unemployment are below:


Important employer and employee information related to COVID-19.


MA Unemployment benefits are approximately 50% of your weekly wage, up to the maximum of $823 per week (as of Oct 2019.)? Here is a link to a more detailed explanation and a calculator.?


As an S-Corp owner you are an employee of the company.? As long as you have been taking a salary you can apply for unemployment.? If you have enough money to pay your bills for the next few months then it probably doesn?t make sense to collect unemployment just to have your practice pay it back later.? Although you can think of it as an interest free loan and may want to apply.? If it turns out that unemployment taken now doesn’t need to be repaid, then that’s a different situation.? Nothing has been finalized by Congress yet as of today.


To get payroll deductions from employees when they are not paid you can:

  1. Speak with your insurance agent to see if there?s a way for employees to send their portion directly to the insurance company (maybe online).
  2. Have the employees send you the payment on a regular basis.
  3. Double up payments when employees return to work.


You may consider applying for the COVID-19 Small Business Recovery Loan Fund while they are offering access to? money.? You can always pay it back when things return to normal if you don?t need to use those funds.


New Recorded Webinar on Maximizing Social Security

You have been paying into Social Security for all of your working life, and now it’s time to get your money back. However, the Social Security system is full of arcane rules, secrets, and claiming surprises. This webinar will help you learn the basics to help evaluate the best claiming strategy for you and ensure you maximize this lifetime annuity.

Target Audience: Those that would like an introduction as to how social security claiming strategies work

In this recently recorded webinar, Alex Oliver CFP discusses various strategies to maximize your social security benefit over your lifetime base on the current rules.

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Thursday, Feb. 7, 12 noon – 1 pm, Online – Presented by Alex Oliver, First National Corporation

What is going on with trade? Who is Jay Powell and what do the interest rates actually mean? Are markets currently overvalued or are there still opportunities in 2019? We will provide a general overview covering the global economy and provide you talking points for your next cocktail party.

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Generational Wealth Transfer: 10 Best Practices

Thursday, March 21, 12 noon – 1 pm, Online – Presented by Alex Oliver, First National Corporation

You may read this and think that this is only for “those multi-millionaires.” However, even small retirement accounts, houses, or cars can create discord within families without a well thought out plan. Hear our thoughts on how to gradually allow your children to take over your estate and avoid senseless conflict.

Target Audience: Those with children of any age