Don’t miss it – Jan. 19 event

Are you in the Boston area on Thursday Jan. 19?

If so, you won’t want to miss our 14th annual Tax and Financial Planning Seminar at the Brookline Holiday Inn.

Highlights this year include:

Game Plan for College: Admissions, Financial Aid and Funding Strategies, with Todd Fothergill, Strategies for College, Inc.

Getting the Most Tax Savings from your Moonlighting and Professional Expenses, with Andrew Schwartz, CPA, Partner, Schwartz & Schwartz

– Basic Financial and Retirement Planning for Young Healthcare Professionals, with Jason Skolnick, First National Corporation

Benefit the Most from Recent Tax Updates and your Employee Benefits Package, Richard Schwartz, CPA, Partner, Schwartz & Schwartz

– Special Two Session Dental Track: Breakthrough Dental Marketing and Getting Patients to Invest in Treatment Predictably, with Don Khouri, Fortune Management of Boston

To learn more and RSVP, please go to: