IRS Sheds Some Light on the Premium Tax Credit Enacted as Part of PPACA

[Editor’s Note] I started my career as a CPA specializing in taxes back in 1987, and right off the bat had to deal with the massive Tax Reform Act of 1986. Since that complicated set of tax rules was implemented more than 25 years ago, all I’ve seen is more and more complex tax rules enacted at an increasingly quick rate. Whether you’re a taxpayer or a tax advisor, there is barely even enough time to digest one set of rules before the next set is forced upon us. To make things more challenging, none of the old rules ever seem to be taken away as these new rules are enacted.

Well, the Affordable Care Act gives us all a bunch of new rules affecting our taxes, including a new Health Insurance Premium Tax Credit. Check out these Questions and Answers on the Premium Tax Credit provided by our friends at the IRS.

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